My To-Do List 2.1.1

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"My To-Do List" helps you organize your life, by providing you with a simple and intuitive task list.

You can add many tasks quickly, arrange them by dragging them up or down and also edit and delete them by clicking the corresponding icons.


How to use

Adding tasks

Write your task in the field at the bottom of the Window and click [ADD] or press ENTER.

Deleting tasks

Hover over a task and click on the trashcan icon next to it.

Editing tasks

Hover a task and click on the pencil icon next to it. Edit the task and press ENTER or click away to save it.

Rearanging tasks

Drag a task to its new position

What's new

2.1.1 (jul 13, 2014)

2.1 (dec 29, 2013)

2.0.2 (oct 19, 2013)

2.0.1 (oct 11, 2013)

2.0 (jun 8, 2013)

1.0.3 (mar 5, 2013)

1.0.2 (mar 2, 2013)

1.0.0 (jan 31, 2013)

Roadmap (planned features)

Features I'm still considering


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